SELF DESTRUCT Self Portrait Metallic Luster Art Print

blindfold edit_bw.jpg
blindfold edit_bw.jpg

SELF DESTRUCT Self Portrait Metallic Luster Art Print


For your consideration, we present this fine art photography print of Cassie Meder, photographed by Cassie, printed with archival inks on museum quality metallic luster paper. This print is unsigned and an open edition, with the title, date, and Casstronaut insignia printed on the back. 

This self portrait print is sized to fit 11 x 14 inch frames, while the image itself is approximately 10.5 x 13.5 inches total. There is a half inch white border on either side of the image. 

These prints are handmade, hand cut, printed in Cassie's studio, packaged and shipped directly from our office with only the hands of two people! Please consider this and be patient when ordering - processing may take up to three days once we receive your order. 

Due to the metallic nature of these prints, it is nearly impossible to capture an image that accurately represents the deep, rich dark tones and shimmering highlights in these prints. To truly appreciate appreciate this piece, you'll have to witness the lovely glittering piece with your own eyes! 

Please note that computer monitors can shift colors. What you see on your screen might be slightly different in color compared to the print you receive.

Shipped in an acid free cellophane protective pocket and gently secured between two sturdy cardboard slabs. Insurance is included in the free shipping cost for domestic customers and as well as included in the cost for international customers. 

If you need any help with framing, we have great resources to help you. Just message us and we can direct you to a few great suppliers or we can provide framing services for you at an additional cost.

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